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Places in Poznań where you can use the Internet free of charge.
Tuesday, 12 June 2007 13:40

Every year in Poznań, just like in other Polish and European cities, there are more and more places where the Internet can be accessed free of charge. In the centre of Poznań there are already several dozens of the so-called hot spots. There even came up an idea of covering the whole city with the wireless network.

The free access to Internet is mainly for the users of laptops and similar portable devices equipped with special network cards. In Poznań there are available several dozens of hot spots. However, their number is constantly growing. Apart from most of the hotels and restaurants in the city centre, the list includes also: the Ławica airport, municipal stadium and higher education buildings such as that of the Poznań University of Economics.
But the municipal authorities began works on creating a free Internet network which will cover the entire city. The transmitters would be installed on the roofs of public buildings such as schools and offices. Then the inhabitants of the neighbouring houses could use the transmitters.
The hot spot list can be fund at:  In the Search box enter the city name e.g. ‘Poznań’ (using Polish letters). The list of hot spots will appear below.