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Poznan ? the city with the climate
Friday, 03 September 2010 12:57

Poznan ? the city with the climateWe interviewed Tomasz Kayser, Deputy Mayor of the City of Poznan, on the city?s tourist assets.

What makes tourists visit Poznan?

Poznan boasts a great ambiance, a number of attractions and friendly people. These reasons are sufficient but that?s not all. It?s also worth coming here for Poznan?s 1000 years-plus of tradition that you can see, feel and learn about in the city.

How can you attract foreign tourists to visit Poznan?

We carried out a very intensive promotional campaign at the largest tourist fair in Berlin. We sought to encourage tourists to visit our city in many ways. We spoke of the tourist attractions, the outstanding ambiance of Poznan?s Old Market, but also about such lures as the ?Half Price Poznan? campaign as an additional incentive, a pretext to visit Poznan.

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