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A record year for Volkswagen Poznań
Monday, 05 February 2007 14:56
The Volkswagen car producer in Poznań is preparing for the manufacture of its new Caddy Maxi model.
The 2006 was a year of high achievement for the Poznań factory, which produced a record number of cars and cylinder heads.
Last year, 167 000 cars left the production lines of the Poznań Volkswagen factory. The Caddy, T5 Kombi and a single or double cabin T5 pick-up models were at the center of last year’s production. At the same time the factory’s foundry produced 913 000 cylinder heads, used in the production of car engines.
-  “The results for 2006 are our best for the third year running in car production, which increased by 6,4% in relation to the last year. We are also very happy with the success achieved by our foundry – they made almost a million cylinder heads last year and have many new orders in hand” said Jorn Reimers, the former President of the Management Board of Vokswagen Poznań Ltd.

 Jorn Reimers was replaced in this position by 46-years old Jens Ocken who has been working in Poznań for the last six months. His previous position with the company was that of production manager. The new President completed his MSs degree in production technology at Hanover Polytechnic in 1985, and started working as a planner for Volkswagen AG immediately after. Between 1989 and 1993 he worked in the T4 model production team, and in 1993 he took the position of production manager in the Taiwan factory. After three years in Taiwan, he returned to Hanover to work as a manager in the Cost Center and the assembly sections for the LT, T4 and T5 models. Jorn Reimers, the former President, has moved on to Portugal to become the President of the Autoeuropa factory.

The new President announced that the total investment planned for 2007 in the car production and the foundry is 290 million PLN, which is approximately 75 million Euro. As previously announced, at the beginning of 2007 the production of the T5 Shuttle and Caravelle models was moved to Hanover to secure the production capacity for the Caddy models and new Caddy Maxi model to be produced in the second half of the year. The Poznań factory will still produce the T5 Kombi and a single or double cabin T5.
- The New Caddy Maxi will provide a link between the Caddy and the larger T5 Transporter. It will offer more space for passengers and in the luggage section. The car will be available in van, estate and shuttle models.
The Volkswagen Poznań company was founded in 1993 as a joint venture between Volkswagen AG and the Polish Tarpan cars producer. Initially the German concern had only 25% share in the company but gradually, between 1993 and 1996, took over Tartan’s shares and has been the only owner of the company since 1997. To start with the factory assembled approximately 5000 cars for the Polish and Eastern European markets, and all the car parts were still supplied from Germany. At the time the factory employed 500 people.
Today Volkswagen Poznań is one of the largest and most dynamically developing enterprises in Poland and one of the largest employers, with 7000 employees in Wielkopolska alone.

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