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From Harlem to Poznań
Monday, 19 December 2011 16:08
From Harlem to PoznańHallelujah! Angels of Harlem back in Poland. The most talented singers of New York go on another tour with new repertoire. It is the only Choir with its own holiday ? in recognition of its artistic activity, the Mayor of New York, Michael R., announced January 15 to be the day of the Harlem Gospel Choir.

Their passion and love for music electrifies. No one, even the most stubborn viewers, will manage to stay in their seats during the show. Sooner or later they begin dancing, clapping and singing. Harlem Gospel Choir makes everybody feel in them the black soul of gospel. The musicians send a lot of hope, energy and kindness from the stage; it is hard to resist their magnetic voices.

Every year, 35 the most talented singers of Harlem, the black district of New York, go on a tour, during which they collect funds for charity and carry the message of love and peace.

They will perform in Poznań on 17 December, at 7:00 P.M. in UAM Hall.