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Motorway to Świecko is open!
Thursday, 01 December 2011 23:23
Motorway to Świecko is open!From Poznań to Europe by a motorway! The last, over 100-kilometer long section of the motorway from Poznan to Świecko, so to the border with Germany, was opened on 1 December.

The new section of A2 motorway was commissioned nearly six months before the deadline agreed with the government. Until 21 May 2012, a drive by a 106-kilometers long motorway will be free of charge. Owing to the new road, the travel time from Poznań to Berlin will be shortened by about 2 hours.

The latest concrete technology, meeting the highest standards for construction of roads and motorways in the European Union countries, was used to build the new section of the motorway.

The total value of the investment implementation amounts to EUR 1.6 billion, including the cost of construction in the amount of nearly EUR 1.3 million. The part of approximately 100 km of the motorway from Nowy Tomyśl to Świecko includes 5 traffic nodes, which will lead to the nearby villages. 4 gas stations with restaurants and hotels (2 in each direction) will be also located at the motorway. Moreover, there will the so-called MOP (miejsce odpoczynku dla podróżnych) i.e. a rest place for travelers with a parking lot and toilets.