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The Microsoft and WSiP School of new technologies starts in Poznań
Monday, 19 December 2011 16:14
Poznań - the city of know-how and innovation - has been chosen by Microsoft and Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne from among 12 locations to initiate the countrywide School of New Technologies project. The initiative is a part of the international Microsoft Partners in Learning Program, known in Poland as the Partnership for the Future.

The purpose of schools is to provide students and teachers with the latest knowledge and practical skills in ICT. The School of New Technologies is organized by the strategic partners, leaders in their sectors: Microsoft (IT) and Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne (educational services).

The school of New Technologies is a unique educational project in Poland and Europe addressed to the directors, teachers and pupils of general and technical secondary schools, educating in the field of: IT, ICT, telecommunications, electrical and mechatronics.  Its aim is to support young people's education, basing on digital tools, thus increasing the chances of their development in the world based on knowledge and innovative technologies.

The base of the project is a series of 140 free training courses for teachers and workshops for 100 000 students on Windows Phone programming, Microsoft Kinect, HTML 5, and creating websites. The coaches from Microsoft Sp. z o.o. will present the latest trends in education, including Internet educational platforms and programs for schools (DreamSpark, Live @ EDU, ITAcademy) to the program participants.

Project is accompanied by the Tech High School Hero competition, which is an equivalent of the world Microsoft Imagine Cup. In the Imagine Cup the students from Poznań won the three places on the podium in three different categories - the best result in the world!

Regular and technical secondary schools from across Poland were invited to participate in the program. From among the submitted applications, the organizers selected 500 of so called Schools of New Technologies, which will participate in the project. Other institutions may benefit from the training courses organized in the Schools of New Technologies in their regions. Directors and teachers of the schools participating in the program will receive the certificates of the School of New Technologies and strategic partners of Microsoft and WSiP within the international Partners in Learning program.